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Welcome to the new home for Banked Track Memories.  This website is being redesigned with a new logo and a totally new look.  This will take time, but all of the pages and features will work during the renovation.


This web site is dedicated to the skaters of Roller Derby, Roller Games, and all of the various incarnations of the Banked Track sport.  The photos and information on this site were provided by skaters and fans.  I would especially like to acknowledge the contributions of Loretta Behrens, Peggy Sumsky, Phil Berrier and the Roller Derby Forum.


I would like to thank Loretta Behrens, Joe Canevari, Gail Fund, James Hull, Mike Steele, Pastor Kirk, and Gary Powers/Phil Berrier for the photos from the 2008 Reunion.





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A search feature has been added to this web site.  This will allow visitors to search for a specific player or team.


It will bring up any information on that player or team that is on this web site.



Peggy (Conlon) Sumsky has allowed the use of some photographs from her personal collection.  These may be accessed from the Sumsky Collection menu item.